Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Day 23: Happy Halloween!!

I know I haven't been consistent with posting and I apologize - a lot has been going on in my personal life that I don't feel comfortable sharing. I will try to continue to post daily, if not, every other day. Anyway! Happy Halloween!! This is the BEST holiday because dressing up and doing makeup is literally so much fun! It's the one day a year everyone is a little wack-o and it's okay because it's Halloween. Wanna be a cat? Go for it! Wanna be sarcastic and poke fun at someone by dressing up as them? No problem. Wanna pretend that you're dead? Totally normal! I'm sure other countries probably think it's super crazy. I mean, you dress up in crazy costumes and then go to strangers houses and get free candy? If you think about it, that sounds like the most ludicrous idea ever but I guess it was just crazy enough to work so now everybody does it and it's totally normal.

I wanted to share my past Halloween costumes because this year, sadly, I did not dress up. My job requires me to look nice so I couldn't do the makeup and outfit this year :( But! There will always be a next time! Here we go!

Halloween 2012 - I was both a kitty and Minnie mouse. The kitty was for during the day since I saw it as more appropriate and Minnie mouse was for the night. How I thought it was more appropriate, I don't know... (You can tell I'm not lying by the quality of the photos - man has technology advanced or what?!)

Halloween 2013 - I was a ballerina. This was totally last minute because I wanted to hand out candy but I didn't have a costume so I just threw something together.

Halloween 2014 - I was Cat Woman. We had a Halloween party with all the kiddos at the daycare I worked at and the staff wanted to dress up as super heroes. Of course my favorite was a cat so I HAD TO BE Cat Woman!

Halloween 2015 - I was a cat! I had just started with a new company and I didn't wanna go overboard but I do love doing Halloween makeup so I decided to be a cat. One of my coworkers (Jamie) pulled me aside and was like 'This is so freaky but you look like an actual cat'. Thanks Jamie!

Halloween 2016 - I wanted a little bit more blood for this Halloween so I started experimenting with latex and how I can make it look like real skin. I was actually going for a werewolf look but after I realized that I had nothing that remotely close to werewolf, I went with zombie princess. I think it turned out great!

I'm gonna be honest there. I didn't dress up last year or this year so I don't have any of those pictures. I know I did a killer clown makeup a few years back but I can't seem to find those pictures. Oh well! I hope you enjoyed what I've done so far. (I will link some similar clothes to my 'shop my blog' page and down below so that if you're wanting to put together similar costumes, you can make the look yourself!) I can only hope that my makeup still get better and better so that my looks are even scarier with every Halloween that comes! MUAHAHAHA!

Happy Halloween

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