Sunday, July 9, 2017


For some reason, I can never be satisfied with a decision I've made. Whether it be my hair, nail color, or outfit, I always end up second guessing myself. I honestly don't know why it's so hard for me. I believe it's because I overthink everything. I look at my hair and think, will this be able to match my skin tone and any outfits I choose to wear? I look at my nail color and think, will this be a universal color that can match any outfit? And, I look at my outfit and think, does it match my hair and nails and if not, I gotta change something. I always like to look good because when I look good, I feel good. I like to feel happy and joyful and by looking good, I am able to achieve that. My indecisiveness can be a big headache if I can't come to a conclusion fast enough. I sometime frustrate myself when I overthink about things.

I also think that decision-making can determine your path in life. Whether you chose to go to school or not, or if choose to spend you life with somebody or not, can play out a major turn in your life. The question "Will it matter in 5 years from now?" is a stupid question because everything does. If you choose to be with someone, you will most likely be with them in 5 years and possibly own a house, maybe have some kids... But if you choose not to, you could end up alone in 5 years without any of that. Decisions play a huge rule and to me, I take them seriously. Maybe that's why I'm always changing my mind about the way I look... I'm not sure.

I recently changed my hair color and went lighter. I told myself I would never be this light (almost blonde) but I also did promise myself I would step outside my comfort zone. So, I will embrace this light hair. (Not like I have a choice since my hair has been processed 1 too many times). I've been debating on dying it back to a dark chocolate color but I think I will just leave it and learn to embrace it... for now.

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