Saturday, September 9, 2017

Club 25

My 25th birthday was two days ago (September 7th) and I already feel like a grandma. The first thing I did was wake up and clean. I did about 4 loads of laundry starting with mixed, whites, and 2 loads of my bed sheets. I took a shower and made myself look all nice and fancy so I would go out and have dinner with my boyfriend. We ended up getting dinner at Texas Roadhouse, which I've heard really great things about but I wasn't super wow-ed by it. I thought it was just okay. He is the absolute sweetest because he bought me a Denver Broncos t-shirt and Chanel perfume which smells absolutely amazing. (highly recommend it) I love how much he always thinks about me. He's the best!

My birthday has made me realize how much I should be thankful for. I am in such a good place in my life that I am so blessed to be alive and well at the age of 25. There are many people who don't even make it to 25 or have the luxury to celebrate their own birthdays. Even though I didn't really do anything big for my birthday, I still am very grateful for everything in my life. I am alive and well and that's all I could ask for.

Just like 2017, I have a feeling that my 25th year of life will be amazing. I am ready for all the things that are going to come my way, and maybe I will share some of them on there... stay tuned ;)

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