Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Day 46: Pom Pom Beanie!!

I'm not gonna lie, I feel sick as a dog right now. I woke up with body aches, decided to work out anyway - felt great! - but then as the day went on, my aches became worse and let's just say I'm really hoping it's not the flu. I'm taking lots of time to rest, eating some soup, and downing water like no other. I've heard B12 is also good to take so I might try that! Anybody else not feelin well?

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This CUUUUUTE Faux Fur Double Pom Pom Beanie Hat was inspired by Katy Roach - her blog is always the cutest and when I saw her post it, I HAD TO get it! I got it in the color Ivory and it's sooo stinkin cute. The lining on the inside is so soft and warm that it makes me want to get one in every color. I've been told that I have a big head (scientifically proven in my biology class in college - don't ask lol!) and this fit right over my head with no problem. The material is just wonderful and I would recommend it 100% to anyone that's wanting it.

The sweater I'm wearing is the A.N.A Long Sleeve Round Neck Pullover Sweater from JcPenney in the color Crema Metallic. It really soft and actually sparkly - you can't really tell in the pictures. I really love that it's long and it can be perfect for pairing with leggings. It's not itchy whatsoever and actually quite soft ribbed lining. It comes in a multitude of colors in which some are sparkly and some are not. It was on sale during black friday for $15 so I bought one for myself and another in the color American Navy Met for my mom!

Click the picture to shop the double pom pom beanie hat!!

You will never guess where my bright red leggings are from.... Walmart! Yes way!! I love these bad boys because they are such a pretty bright red color and are super cute. They even have back pockets - which I loooove. The only thing is that they are kinda short for me (I'm 5'7") but that's not a problem for me because I can pair it with booties or even have longer boots and it won't show. I was able to buy this in store, but it doesn't look like they have this color available online. I was only able to find the regular jeggings color online (click here). I did find some cute regular leggings from Forever 21 (click here).

The boots are new and I've been eyeing them for a while now. I think I actually posted them in my Black Friday deals post, but they are the Arizona Women's Gale Block Heel Bootie from JcPenney and the most comfortable booties that I own! I actually can't believe how comfy they are - I totally wasn't expecting it. They are normally $24 and are on sale for $18 now! I was able to purchase them a few days ago and added 'in store pick-up' and was able to pick them up the next day! I seriously can't believe how comfy they are.

I'm wearing the naked palette on my face as well as the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in the color Redrum (AKA - the PERFECT red lip!)

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