Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Goodbye 2018! It felt like yesterday that it was New Years and here we are saying goodbye. To be honest, I didn't want it to be 2018.. I was happily enjoying my 2017 and before I knew it, it got bumped aside. I guess I like odd numbers and those seem to be my favorite years. With that said, I'm soooooo ready for 2019. I have a feeling that it will be my best year yet!

2018 was such a bumpy ride for me. I got a new job and lost it all in the same year. The place that I've been begging to be, I was finally able to be and yet I still wasn't happy. I hate seeing those types of people that no matter how great their circumstances are, they still find a way to be unhappy and that it was making me realize how much I don't want to be one of those people. So for 2019, I will embrace whatever comes my way. I have a feeling that God has something great in store for me and I just need to be patient! (I've also learned to trust my gut feeling. Honestly, I knew I wouldn't stay at this job for very long.. my gut was telling me a year.. and it was right! .. And to those of you who are wondering, no I was not fired.. the company was going through financial issues and had to cut back employees, and sadly, I was one of them 😭)

There were some amazing times in 2018 as well as some rough times. I was able to pay off my entire student loan on my own and it was an amazing feeling that I cannot express. I was also able to move into a new house and embrace the changes of having a new job as well. Unfortunately I did not stay long as this job, but like I said, I need to be patient because bigger and better things will be coming. I was also able to lose 10lbs! (I was sooooo happy about this one!!) Even though things were up and down, I know it was a year of lessons.

I've also learned to cherise people close to you. If somebody chooses to stay by your side, that's something rare and you should never let those people go! My boyfriend is someone that I love with all my heart. I knew I would be with him because he chose to love me - he chose to stick by me - he chose to wipe away my tears - he chose to laugh with me - he chose to give me big bear hugs when I'm upset - no matter what, he chose me and you know what? I choose him. I have never experienced this type of relationship, other than family, until I met him. It's something so genuine and warm that I realize how much I appreciate and love him. I already know that 2019 will be the best for us!

I hope in 2019 that we get to travel more, laugh more, love more, and grow more. I hope our health is at its best and I hope our happiness is at its highest. I actually write down a list of goals every year that I would like to accomplish. I use to think it was silly because it started off as me wanting to buy myself a pair of Ugg boots in 2016. I set it as a list of things I want by the end of the year and to my surprise, I was able to accomplish it!! Soon the list grew longer with more things and evolved into less materialistic items but more internal - wanting happiness, health, enjoying the moment I'm in, etc. Throughout the year, I add dates/times of things that I've checked off my list. Now, every year, I look back and see what I have been able to do and I'm really proud of myself for coming such a long way. My list for 2019 includes to travel more, have excellent health, have a great paying job that I love, pay off my car, lose a couple more pounds, and learning new skill sets. I think the list will include more but so far, I'm pretty happy with how 2019 is starting...

Hey 2018... Thank u, next.

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