Saturday, August 10, 2019

Summer Break

Hello again!

I haven't been keeping up with my blog because I took some time to myself for some self-reflection. I do love blogging and sharing my golden finds but I also believe that mental, emotional, and physical health are important. As I started my new job and the summer began, I took it upon myself to stop wallowing over my life and dedicate every moment of summer to myself (or as much as possible). I have done some new things and have embraced them with open arms!

 I went to the pool by myself for the second time in my life! It actually took me a lot to talk myself into going because I kept thinking, "What if I see somebody I know? What if it's too crowded? What if it's weird?" Well one day after work, it was about the first 100 degrees that Denver got, I decided I'M GOING TO THE POOL. So I packed my bag and went over to our neighborhood pool. There were like 4 people there and it was really nice and relaxing. The second time, I had to talk myself into it again but after I went, I saw it wasn't weird at all. There were families with their kids, elderly people, others having a BBQ. I knew I wanted to go to the pool and I didn't care if anybody went or not and honestly, I'm glad I went. Because of that new courage, I'm able to go 100 more times and not feel weird about it. :)

I went ATV-ing for the first time and let me tell you, I was like 1% away from peeing my pants. It wasn't fast (we couldn't go over 20mph) but it was bumpy and uneven and all I kept thinking was how we were going to fall over. AH!! But luckily we didn't and it was actually a lot of fun!

 I also fired up the firepit in our backyard and made some s'mores, along with hot dogs, corn, and bosnian food - cevapi! MMM! What a great summer adventure! My favorite part was the mosquitoes - LOL JK. Nobody likes mosquitoes!

Through these fun things, I've realized that I'm tired of just laying around and not doing anything, WISHING that I would have a great summer. I've learned that sometimes wishing and thinking about something isn't enough to actually make you happy. You have to go out there and just go for it. If there's something out there that you've been wanting to do, but haven't because of every excuse in the book, I'm telling you right now to just go and do it. Wanna take a run in the park? GO! Wanna learn how to roller skate? DO IT. Wanna travel on your own? GIRL, YOU BETTER GO. If you don't experience things in life, how can you expect yourself to grow? The only person holding you back is YOU. So go out there, enjoy your summer, fall, winter, spring, and LIFE. Do what makes you happy, enjoy yourself, because life is too short.

P.S. Don't worry - summer isn't over yet! You still have time! & You sure can bet that I will be enjoying every single second!