Sunday, January 8, 2017


No trust is like trying to build a sandcastle with quicksand.

I read the quote by one of my coworkers in an email and I cannot express how true it is. I am the type of person to trust somebody until they given me a reason not to. It's a blessing and a curse. I find that giving people chances is something everybody needs because you can't judge a book by its cover. However, don't mistake my kindness for weakness. Once somebody loses my trust, it's very difficult to get it back.

Enough of the cliques, but honestly, that's how life is. Without any trust, there is no relationship. Would you trust your friend to be there for you, even though they've bailed on you every time? Would you trust that manager when they say they promise you this assignment, but back out every time? Or would you trust that guy that says he won't break your heart, after he has already? These are the times when the sand turns to quicksand. You want to trust them, but their actions speak otherwise. I've had an issue with trust lately and I won't get into the situation but it made me realize that I am destined for better things in life. This was merely a lesson by the One and Only to show me, something better will happen to you and you had to learn from this. I am forever grateful.

On another note, I saw this idea on Pinterest and I thought I'd do it too. I didn't have enough patience to write it out by hand, so I did it in excel. As you can tell, my days haven't been super great in 2017, but I'm not going to let one day determine the rest of my year/life. Here is a copy if you'd like one! Happy 2017! I'm hoping most of our boxes end up yellow!! (or whatever color you decide to make the most amazing one) ❤