Saturday, February 4, 2017


Sometimes the journeys we have in life are not intended for us to achieve what we expected, but rather learn a lesson from it. For example, I recently applied for a job where a fellow coworker had also applied. I could care less if I got the job or not, but they wanted it badly. They wanted it bad enough, they were willing to reach out to the recruiter, cheat on the test, and even convince the interviewers to put in a good word for them. When they told me about this, I was furious. Then I thought 'What goes around, comes around... karma is real. This is out of my control'. When it came to interview rounds, this person did not end up getting an interview, but I did. This was about 3 weeks ago and they have not spoken to me since. As I come to realize, this wasn't about getting a new job or not, but rather finding out what kind of people there are. Nobody wants you to succeed. My parents have told me this over and over again, but I never really believed it until it realized it happening. Everybody says they want to see you do good, but never better than them. I was always hesitant on doing things that I want, including this blog and YouTube videos, because I was always put down by people around me, saying "Why would you want to do that? You wouldn't even do a good job.. You wanna do YouTube? No comment" As I've learned what kinds of people have been toxic in my life, I've quickly learned to drop them. I am no longer friends with people who put me down. I have found people that are willing to cheer me on all the way and encouraging me each and every day. This is the kind of positivity everybody should have in their lives. Although I am very cautious with who I chose to share my passions with, I know that there will always be people who are ready to put me down. If anything, this lesson has taught me that there will always be negative people and they will always want you to lose. But, you can't. You can't lose, you have to keep going. So, with that said, thanks! Thank you God for showing me this lesson and teaching me to love myself even more.

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