Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Enjoy Life.

Recently, I've been visiting the doctor more than usual. My health hasn't been the best but I'd rather not go into that. Because of this, I haven't been feeling like myself for the past couple of months and honestly, I've been feeling quite low. Like I said in posts before, I believe that everything happens for a reason. I had a man call me, at work, and he had a question about his benefits, which I was able to help him with, and then we got into a conversation about life. This gentleman was about 80 years old and the things I was able to learn from him made me really rethink life. He was so happy and cheery and started telling me how his wife was cooking and somehow the fire alarm went off. He then had to open all the doors, but he only had his pajamas on, while it was only 10 degrees outside and how it was total chaos, yet was laughing the whole time he was telling me about it. Things like this would frustrate me and upset me, but because this man was able to laugh about it, shows that things in life happen and you can't get upset over everything, but rather laugh about it.

Sve je prolazno. Everything is temporary. My dad told me that once and whenever I get really really upset, that's what pops into my head. Everything is temporary. Like, when I'm in traffic and I regret my decision to let that sweet old lady get in front of me, but now shes driving at 5mph and holding everybody up and had I not let her in, I wouldn't be this behind. Well, it's temporary. She's either gonna turn or leave the lane at some point and I'll have a clear road in front of me. Kinda like life. Sometimes you're gonna have that sweet old lady taking her time and blocking your path but always remember that it's temporary. It will pass.

With this, I've learned to let it go. A lot of things bother me but life is short and anything can happen at any moment. You could be alive one day and gone the next. So, spend life with a little bit more laughter and joy. Even when your situation is horrible, try to find the silver lining and appreciate it. My health hasn't been the best but I am alive and I've made it so far. I have a feeling that God has really great plans for me and this is all temporary.