Monday, July 24, 2017

My *amela* Makeup Bag

When I have to travel and want to bring along my makeup, I always pull out my personalized makeup bag! It is soo roomy and has lasted me for years. I always get asked where I got it and I decided to make a post and share with everybody. When I first started watching YouTube for makeup videos, I was obsessed with a YouTuber named Blair Flower. She was 16 and I was also 16 at the time and I would constantly be obsessed with watching her videos. She and her sister, Elle, opened up their own store, called GlitzyGlam and that is where I was able to customize and purchase it! This is the link for the actual makeup bag. You can also chose to do initials instead of your full name. The outside is a waffle print and the inside is a smooth water repellent lining. It is a pretty large case, as I can fit several brushes, highlighters, blushes, even eyeshadow palettes. I've successfully fitted my Naked palette in there, no problem. The cost of this makeup bag is $26.00. Shipping for me ended up being $2.77, for a total of $28.77. I find that this is a great deal, as I purchased it YEARS go and still use it every single time I travel. I highly recommend it, if you are in the need of a makeup bag. It has always been my go-to.

I chose a black Makeup Bag Color, with Block Print in White, and a Zebra ribbon (no longer available). 

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