Sunday, October 8, 2017

Fall Essentials!

Hello Fall! This is my second favorite season - next to summer, of course. It's time for leggings, light sweaters, and cute boots. This weather is perfect because it's still a little warm but with a slight, cool breeze and yet not cold enough for snow and slush. It's also somewhat rainy, which I absolutely love. I live in Colorado so we are able to experience all four seasons. Fun fact: I didn't ever really think about how the leaves change until the other day when I took a walk outside and saw the leaves changing at the tips to a brown color. I thought it was really cool. Anyway, as I did for summer, I have decided to do a fall essentials post with the things that I believe are great to have during this cool down season!

Colorado :)

1. Leggings. Duh. These will literally become your bffs if you don't already own leggings. They keep me so warm and they're really stretchy so I don't have to be stiff in jeans all day. The ones I usually get are from Victoria's Secret but it seems like they have started to discontinue them so I haven't bought any new ones recently. I have heard that Target has really great leggings as well, and they are affordable of course. If you're looking for really great ones, LuLuLemon has ones that are wonderful quality but are on the pricey side. I, personally, don't own any but I've heard nothing but fantastic reviews. Wherever you purchase your leggings, it does not matter, as long as you do own a pair. If you don't feel comfortable walking around in public with them on, you can always use them to lounge because it literally feels like you're not wearing anything. They're awesome!!

2. Sweaters. Sweaters are my absolute favorite piece of clothing ever. I don't know why but they're just something that makes me so happy. The types of sweaters that are in now are tunic sweaters, which basically means long ones. I like to pair these with leggings for the perfect comfortable fall day! I personally love this one from Rue21 because it's simple but also has a design and has the 'cold shoulder' look, with the cut out shoulders. They also have this one but I only got drawn to it because it's gray and I'm obsessed with wearing gray. I was also looking around Kohl's and they have some great tunic sweaters as well. This one in particular drew my eye because right now, the sweaters with the lace up on the side is what most people have been wearing so I recommend purchasing at least one because they are adorable!! 

3. Heated Blanket. My heated blanket is probably he best purchase I have ever made and do not regret one bit. I first got one from Big Lots, just to test it out and see how they are. I ended up LOVING it and using it almost every single day. In Colorado, it snows during the fall sometimes so it's nice to be able to get warm even if it's cold outside. That blanket ended up breaking so I ended up buying a new one from Kohl's and I absolutely love it. I only turn it on when I'm about to go to sleep and usually in the middle of the night, I wake up and turn it off, although it does have an automatic setting where it will turn off after 8 hours I believe. The dial has up to 10 settings so you can chose how warm you want your blanket to be. I keep mine high but end up turning it off after a couple hours. It's up to you how you want to use yours. I don't use it every night, just when I think I'm cold and so far, I love it.

4. Halloween Movies!!! You know it's October so you gotta pull out the Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus. Those are my absolute favorite movies to watch during this time of the year. No matter how old I get, I still love them. If you're more into the scary side, American Horror Story comes out with a new season every year around October and this seasons has been really great. My favorite season would be season 1, the haunted house. If you're not into bloody and scary, then I don't recommend watching. One other personal favorite of mine, that I love more than any Halloween movie, is Casper Meets Wendy. This one is a few years old but it's my absolute favorite and if I had a list of my favorite movies, this would be #1. Someone actually uploaded the full movie to YouTube, so you can watch it here, or click the picture below! :)

5. Jaclyn Hill Palette. This palette has been my go-to. It literally has every color that you could possibly need. I did a review on it a couple months back and I still am obsessed with it. I think the colors I've been using most is the dark reds and rich browns. I think those colors would be perfect for fall.

6. Fall Decor. My favorite American Holiday is Halloween but I also love the fall time. I love decorating my office at work with fall stuff. My favorite place to get things is at Michaels. They almost always have some sort of sale going on. The website doesn't show much of a sale but if you walk into any of the stores, you will see what I'm talking about. I went to one about 2 weeks ago and almost everything was like 60% off. The other place that has great things is the Dollar Tree. Just for $1 you can get fall and Halloween decor and some of them are actually really cute. I recommend browsing around your local Dollar Tree, you never know what you might find!

Do you have any other great Fall tips?!

Happy fall y'all !!

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