Thursday, March 8, 2018

International Women's Day

This day is not as popular as it is back home. In Bosnia, this is a national holiday and has been for many years. This is even more popular than Valentine's Day because it celebrates all women - wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, aunts, cousins, grandmothers. I love it especially because I get to spoil my own mother. It's funny how the realization of mothers importance doesn't become discovered until your mid 20's or even when you have your own children. I remember going through all the stages of different relationships with my mom until I realized how much she truly loves me and would do anything for me. Recently I was sick with a 102 degree fever and my mother said that she wishes she had the fever and not me. It's amazing how a mother will do anything for her children, even if it means she, herself, suffering through pain. I don't think I will ever experience the same type of love that she has given me because my mother and I will always have a bond. Ever since birth, you are connected to your mother, literally. You have the same blood and oxygen running through your veins. You are a part of her and nobody can take that away from you. A mother is not only caring but nurturing and loving, that should never take her for granted. I don't have any kids yet but I hope I end up being as half the woman my mother is, because she is absolutely amazing. Take care of your mother because you only have one and once she's gone, you can never have her back. Let's also remember the daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, and grandmothers that were not able to make it to celebrate with us today, but will always be in our hearts.

I also wanted to say that It’s hard to believe how much women do on a daily basis and it’s simply brushed off. I see my coworkers take care of their kids, clean after their house, take care of their spouses, and have a full time job. I work 8 hours a day, drive home with my eyes barely open, and pass out needing a nap. For those women to be able to do that and still have their mental health shows a lot. Kudos to all of you! I hope to have that drive and motivation one day. (not today, but one day! Lol!)

So let’s celebrate all women for everything they do on a daily basis. Today is your day officially, but in reality, every day is your day. Who run the world? Girls. #GirlPower (Every time I think of girl power, I think of the Cheetah Girls lol!!)

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