Monday, July 16, 2018

Four Eyes.

At a young age I, unfortunately, developed poor eye sight. I remember the day I realized it like it was yesterday. I was in 2nd grade and had just moved to a new school. (Our 3rd move as well as the 3rd elementary school I attended) I was a shy little Bosnian girl who was still learning the English language and due to moving 3 times, I had no friends. It was my first day of 2nd grade at this new school (I moved in the middle of the year so it wasn't the first day for everyone) and my mom walked with me to make sure I get to the right class and was about to kiss me on the cheek goodbye. She told me to write down what was on the board just like all the other kids were. I told her I don't see what's on the board. Puzzled, she asked me "You don't see what's on the board?" and I told her "Nope!" Well you know what my mother did? With her very broken English language, she somehow managed to tell my new teacher to move me to the front since I could not see. I don't really remember how that conversation went down, but I'm pretty sure there were A LOT of hand gestures. My parents took me to the eye doctor and sure enough I needed glasses and that is where my poor vision journey began. (I'm sure it began before that but that's just what I remember.)

I've had numerous eye doctor visits and many many glasses. From the little Harry Potter ones to the old grandpa ones, I've had them all. I've had screws get loose and even lenses pop out. Oh what a journey it's been! I eventually got fitted for contacts and I swear, I felt like a new person. I couldn't believe that these little plastic circles in your eyeballs could make you see the world. It was magical.

I've been wearing contacts for quite some time now and I recently decided to purchase some glasses. In the process of shopping around and looking at frames and comparing prices on lenses, I realized just how much people are heartless and greedy when it comes to your health. I didn't ask to be almost blind. It's not my fault that I have to wear special lenses in order to see the world clearly. So why do companies take full advantage of that? They saw one person who couldn't see, made them some glass to put in front of their eyes, and decided "wow! this is how i'm gonna make money! I'm going to take full advantage of those people and keep all the money I make!" It just shocks me how much profit matters to people. This goes across many different aspects, such as diabetic people - you need some insulin? Make sure you got some $$ on ya or else you better pray you're good. Oh you were born without a leg? Yeah we can give you a wheelchair, it will only be $500... Can you imagine not being able to afford glasses and walking around with extremely blurry vision and nobody cares since you're not contributing to their bank account? You could get hit by a car! Or what if you need a wheelchair but can't afford it? You're suppose to chill at home your whole life? It's really sad, in my opinion. Yes, I understand there is Medicaid for low income people but my point is, none of this should be charged. You shouldn't have to pay to fix something you were born with. There are people taking full advantage of that and it's not fair! Also guess what! Life isn't fair. Boo! :(

In case you're wondering, I did purchase new glasses. I hope my vision prescription slows down so I won't have to keep getting new ones, but don't worry- like the procrastinator I am, I probably won't get new ones for like 5 years or something. I decided to get the Ray-Ban 7142 frames (they are boy frames but I don't care cause I look cool in them anyway) and I'm super excited! I think I might even end up getting another pair that are more cat eye... Stay tuned!!

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