Saturday, August 18, 2018


Amra Olevic, also known as Amrezy, has been modeling and posting her different outfits all over instagram for a while now. She even was given the opportunity to make her own pallet collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills in 2014 and of course I had to get her palette. (Balkan girls gotta stick together!) My review of this palette is that it's absolutely fantastic! I actually have been very careful not to really use it since it was a limited edition. I know that if I end up using it, I won't have the option to buy another one.

I obviously love using 'Glisten' because it's a soft pink but not overpowering and it's a shimmer. Topaz is another favorite one because it's a dark beige color and also glittery. I do use Caramel and Morocco as transition colors because they are matte and blend out beautifully. I have also used LBD (little black dress) when I need a dark black for a good smoky eye. The colors Legend and Vanilla are really pretty for the brow highlight. I will say out of the whole palette, i have not used Emerald or Iridescent Purple and that's only because I like to stick to warm colors - red, orange, browns - so I have yet to expand out of my color zone. I will say that even though I haven't used all the colors on my eye lids, they do swatch very beautifully and are very pigmented colors.

Although I aboslutely loved the Amrezy x Anastasia collaboration, her highlighter was not particularly my favorite. It's actually very pigmented and has a very beautiful color. The only thing I disliked is that it's glittery. I am so use to my Champagne Pop (Jaclyn Hill x Becca) highlighter that I didn't realize how much glitter it didn't have when trying Amra's highlighter. I was very disappointed and kinda wished I swatched it in the store before purchasing it. (I also am a big fan of Nicole Guerrero on YouTube, but didn't end up purchasing her highlighter collab since reviews stated that it was glittery). I did have the option to return it but felt the need to keep it should I ever want a glittery highlighter. I have been putting it on my eyelids to use as a highlighter in my inner tear ducts and that I seem to really really like.

I guess my overall opinion would be a LOVE for her eyeshadow palette but just an OK for her highlighter. If you prefer to have glitter in your highlight, then I strongly recommend to purchase hers. It's a very beautiful golden color that picks up very well on any brush and also swatches beautifully. It's extremely pigmented so a little bit goes a long way!

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