Saturday, September 15, 2018

Lightening Conditioner

Recently as some of you may know, I have gone blonde!! Ok ok, not FULL ON blonde but my hair is extremely lighter than what it use to be. I’ve always had darker hair and when it would lighten, I would color it to darken it even more but this time I’ve decided to gradually go lighter and see how I like it. Who knows, maybe I will go back to having dark hair!

Anywho, I recently received a coupon in the mail for the Garnier Whole Blends collection and decided why not, let’s try it out. I drove myself over to Walmart, found it and guess what! I forgot to use the coupon! UGH. This is never happened to me before. I’m totally a coupon lady but for some reason I totally forgot and just bought it full price.

Anyway, I went and used it and thought if I liked it, I can use the coupon next time. And guess what! I loved it!! Since I have been wanting my hair to go lighter, it does the trick! I was out of conditioner so I used my coupon on only that. I actually have not tried the shampoo yet but I’m sure it’s just as good!

I’ve noticed when I want my hair to be a little brighter the next day, this conditioner does the trick! I go through my normal routine of shampooing my hair and then put this conditioner in for about 5 minutes (I’m sure you can do longer – I just get bored in the shower waiting) and then rinse it out. It made my hair smell really good. It was super shiny. It also brightened it a lot. I know that there is a trick to use tea to brighten your hair but I never really did it since I didn’t want to go through the hassle of making tea, waiting for it to cool, and then pouring it on my hair. This conditioner is a gem! It was only like $5 for a big 22 fl oz container. I honestly have fallen in love with a conditioner!

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