Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Day 26: What I Order at Starbucks!

A week or two ago, I asked my followers in Instagram what they like to order at Starbucks and I would like to thank those of you that participated!! You gave me some GREAT suggestions! I also wanted to make a blog post about the drinks that I order at Starbucks just in case you were wanting to try something new too! I’m sure many of you have tried these but why not share them anyway. Also, the red cup officially came back on November 1st!

AcaiStrawberry Refresher. If you haven’t tried this, you are missing out! It’s basically water and strawberries mixed together with some magical ingredient that makes it super yummy. This drink is basically like drinking water but with a kick! I’ve heard of people asking for lemonade instead of water – which I have also tried – but I don’t like it because it’s too much sugar for me. But if that’s for you, then go for it!

Frappuccino. I know everyone and their mom has probably had one at some point in their lives but it’s honestly the best – don’t fight me on this. The one I specifically get is the caramel one. They recently had a Ultra Caramel Frappuccino and it was wayyy too sweet for me. I think if you truly have a sweet tooth, it’s the way to go but for me, it was too much sugar so I stick to the regular caramel frap!

HotChocolate. Lately, because it’s been getting cold, I’ve been ordering their hot chocolate. In my opinion, it’s the perfect amount of chocolate and warm enough to make me smile every time I drink it. I usually don’t order this other than when I’m really cold and craving chocolate. (hello mother nature!)

CaféMisto. (with a pump of hazelnut and a pump of chocolate) I’ve heard this being referred to as the Nutella drink but honestly, being a Nutella addict, it’s not. I do like this drink because I am a more-milk-than-coffee lover and that’s exactly how this is made. I do have a low tolerance to coffee though so I will only get this when I’m truly wanting caffeine. I’ve also heard of other recipes adding some caramel drizzle.. so I might try that and get back to you.

There you have it. I wish I could say there’s more I order but I haven’t really ventured out to the Starbucks menu (because my caffeine tolerance is horrible) but once I do start exploring, I will be sure to try more. In case you were curious, these were the responses I received!


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