Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Day 37: Turtleneck Sweaters

I'm LOVING this trend. I love being warm and the fact that being even more warm is in style now makes me over the moon. I also am in love with the color maroon but that's neither here nor there.

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I am OBSESSED with this sweater, you have no idea. It's sooo comfy and cozy that I wear it lounging around when it's cold in the house. I wish I could get a million of these but unfortunately they don't have a million colors :( I got it originally from H&M (click here). Funny story.. I was browsing around H&M one day and found a similar light gray turtleneck sweater for $19.99 but they didn't have my size so I thought I'd go to the one by my house and find it there. I ended up going, thinking I found it, and went to check out when the price was totally different - $34.99. I was like oh yikes, I didn't see that. (If you know H&M, you KNOW they like to trick their customers with signs that say "$5" but then only like one shirt is $5 and the rest on the rack are like $30 so you gotta be careful) And that's what happened to me. The sales guy asked if I still wanted it or not, and I chose to get it and thought why not, I can always return it if I don't like it. Well I fell in love and now there's no possible way I can return it. Lol! Sorry not sorry! If you want the original one that I'm wearing, click here. If you want the alternative one, that I originally wanted, click here!

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The pants I'm wearing are the Mid-Rise Rockstar 24/7 Pop-Color Super Skinny Jeans from Old Navy. I would highly recommend sizing up. They squeezed every juice outta me with the size I regularly wear. Plus, I got the regular size thinking 'oh they won't be short' but sure enough, they were. Poo. Oh well. At least these boots can cover it up! It looks like as of right now, the color 'Marron Jive' is no longer available, however, Old Navy does have some great alternatives here, here, and here!

Lastly, these boots I get millions and millions of compliments on when I wear them. I bought them last year from Charlotte Russe but unfortunately are no longer available. But if you want some great alternatives, click here or some cute ones from Kohl's (click here).

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