Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Day 38: My Vest Obession

I am not nor have ever been a vest girl. I always thought they were kinda silly because when on earth are your arms going to be hot and your chest cold? It just doesn't make sense to me. Until.. I had to make a quick grocery run a couple weeks ago and grabbed my mom's vest just as an accessory and oh my gosh did I get super hot, super quick wearing it! I thought there was no way that could happen but I am telling you, I was sweating wearing that thing that I ripped it right off when I got home. Ever since then, I've been eyeing them and now want one in every color.

Click the picture to get your own cute puffy vest!

I got this beauty from Kohl's during Black Friday for only $14.99!! It is SO cute and puffy and warm! I have been wearing it non-stop and is my new go-to for when I need to do some errands outside the house. The pockets are big enough to fit my phone and it's long enough that it covers my back - FYI my pet peeve is wearing shirts/sweaters that don't cover my back, like how annoying. But this one has checked off everything on my list. Comfy? Check. Cute? Of course! Warm? Yasss!! The color I got was White Knight and I've been eyeing the Textured Gray and Lavender Rose Gold colors!

The gray sweater is also from Kohl's. It is super warm and my go-to sweater when I want to lounge around and do nothing. (Everyday) I actually bought this gray on in person at Kohl's and loved it so much that I ordered the white and heather blue online. They are currently on sale for $11.99 !! And you can click here to get your own!

Click the picture to get alternative skinny jeans!

The pants I'm wearing are from Rue21 but it's no longer available. I think the best black pants are the Old Navy Mid-Rise Black Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans for Women because they literally hug you in every single curve, are stretchy, and are the perfect length. Omg. If you don't have these jeans in black and white, then I'm not sure what you're doing with your life. I think the white ones are my favorite pair of jeans in history to have ever been made. It's worth every penny - they are stretchy, super white, and best part is that they are not see-through. I will do a blog post later on them.

I've also had a mild obsession recently with loafers. I've had these leopard print ones forever and to be honest, I have no idea where I got them from. I have been eyeing other leopard print ones and plan on purchasing ones when they become available! If you would like some great alternatives that I've been eyeing, you can click here (Asos) or click here (Macys).

Click the picture to shop alternative loafers!

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