Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Day 49: Plaid Layers

If you are familiar with Colorado, you know that we have gorgeous mountains that are filled with Evergreens, Pines, and Aspens. I think the prettiest time to see them is mid to end September because the Aspens are just starting to change color and the Evergreens and Pines have such a pretty green color. I can't wait until next fall because to be honest, this fall was about 2.5 seconds long and then it snowed and all the leaves fell and it was pretty much over. (I told you Fall wasn't gonna be long - you didn't believe me, but I was right!) Sometimes, you have to take a step back and learn a thing or two from nature. Change is inevitable. You can't go your whole life without change because you won't be able to grow. Yes, the grass dies, the flowers wilt, and the leaves fall, but come Spring, all of them blossom again - and you will too! Don't worry if you're stuck in a rut right now or if you feel like things are never going to get better because they will. If nature's grass can withhold the dark times, then so can you. With that said, only 2 more days until this nonsense of darkness at 4:30pm is over and then we party until the sun rises! Thank God!

The vest I'm wearing is my newest obsession from Kohl's - Juniors' SO Puffer Vest in the color White Knight. It's literally my go-to when it's a little bit chilly outside. It doesn't bother me nor is itchy in anyway whatsoever. I love the length because it's long enough to go down my back so I'm not cold. I love the collar also - I truly thought I wouldn't like it, but I do! - and it doesn't bother me in anyway. I have been eyeing the Textured Gray and Lavender Rose Gold and they may or may not be my next purchases! I went true to size but if you like a bigger fit, you can always size up one!

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The plaid flannel I'm wearing is from American Eagle - American Eagle Ahhmazingly Soft Flannel Boyfriend Shirt in the color Green! I loved one of their ahhmazingly soft flannels so I decided to buy another. I will say that I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't softer. I think this isn't an amazingly soft flannel, but I would say it's just okay. I love the length and how comfy it is. I think it would look great layered with even a black vest. I went up 1 size but you don't have to. I like my flannels a little bigger so I chose to go up a size.

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The jeans I am wearing are actually jeggings from Old Navy (click here). I totally LOVE them! They are a true jegging so they do not have any buttons or zippers. It's pretty similar to leggings, except that it has pockets in the back. The bottom is fringed, which I love also and it's the prefect length! I got my regular size and - not gonna lie - had to squeeze into them, but once they were on and I broke into them, they were perfect!

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My boots were from Rue21 and are no longer available, but a WONDERFUL alternative would be the Arizona Women's Gale Block Heel Bootie from JcPenney  - they are THE MOST comfortable booties that I own! I have worn them to the grocery store, to run errands, to go get the mail like 20 ft from the door lol but trust me, they are amazing. I also found some other cute alternatives -  click here to find some alternative ones from Charlotte Russe and click here for some from Target!

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