Friday, December 28, 2018

Day 50: New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

We are halfway to my 100 blog days postings! Ahhhh- feels like yesterday when I first started! I did want to say that I have made the decision to end my 100 blog days at the end of 2018 with 50 blog posts. I feel that it's just right and perhaps I can continue to blog but not feel so pressured continuing on in 2019. I wasn't too happy with numbering my posts because sometimes I would forget what day I was on or forget entirely to number them, but it was the only way I could keep track of where I was at. I think this blog post would be a perfect end to 2018. I also have a blog post reflecting on 2018 coming up the first day in 2019 so stay tuned for that!

This first look is actually my NYE dress from last year - Trixxi Every Day Value 3/4 Sleeve A-Line Dress from JcPenney. (It looks like they are sold out online, but I bet they will be in stores if you go to your local one!). I got is suuuper last minute because I just didn't have time nor did I find anything I liked so I just happened to stumble upon this one last minute and I loved it! The New Year's in Colorado are super duper freezing so I had to wear leggings and a huge coat, of course. I paired it with some cute black booties. I think these from Walmart (click here) are my new favorite. They are suuuper comfy to wear and are so cute. I'm actually wearing them with my outfit his year. I sized up in this dress but totally could've gotten true to size and been fine. I just like to size up for length since I'm so tall.

The second dress is from Amazon - Meaneor Women's Long Sleeve Rhinestone Embellished Vintage Cocktail Dresses! I actually wore it for my birthday in 2016 and I am obsessed with it!  It's super thick material, a bit stretchy, and not see-through AT ALL! It comes in many different colors. I love that it's long sleeve and the rhinestones on it are such a great touch! You can pair this with black strappy heels and a black coat with a purse in a pop of color such as pink, blue, or even orange. On my birthday, I paired this with red flats and red lipstick! Such a perfect pop of color! I got this dress in my true size but totally could've gone up a size for a more comfy look. If you're into a bodycon style dresses that hug your curves, then I recommend going with your true size.

The third dress is from H&M - Velour in black and it's only $9!! I will be honest and say that this sold out pretty quick and I wasn't able to find it in my local H&M, but that doesn't mean that it won't be in yours. I still recommend to check because you never know! I think this is such a cute dress. It goes to the perfect length and is sooo sooo soft. The inside is not velour, but more of a lining material, but put together into 1 dress - it's two materials smooshed into one, not separate - hopefully that makes sense. I sized up in this dress but kinda regret it because my true size would've hugged my curves better. Because this sells out so fast, I wasn't able to snag one my true size so I just left it. I'm hoping the dryer will help a sista out with this one!

The fourth dress I have is originally from Old Navy. To be honest, I have noooo clue how this ended up in my closet - I don't remember ever buying it lol. After searching through their website, I believe it's the Sleeveless Ponte-Knit Sheath Dress for Women, but they don't have an option in red. I think the Botanical Green would be great for new years and for summer time, I actually might snag the Gray Stripe. I've also found some cute NYE alternatives - Shein (click here), Amazon (click here), and H&M (click here). I think having a sleeveless dress is super cute if the weather in your location allows for it. I wish I could wear dresses like this with no coats for New Years but unless I am in a hot place like California or Florida, there's no way I can wear it outside in Colorado. I will say it's a great dress for summertime too, if you are wanting to look cute at work or a wedding. I think I actually wore this dress to a wedding in 2015. You can click the picture for more outfits!

The last dress is from WOW Couture. I don't recall where it's from but I know it's a bit pricey. It's a very luxurious dress and super see-through so I'd have to wear a slip with it. (what is this, the 80's?) I did find a cute alternative - TJ Maxx (click here) or you can click the picture for some more outfits!

So there you have it! I hope 2019 becomes everything you've ever wanted and more! My blog post sharing my thoughts about the year will be next in a few days! Scroll below for a full list of my NYE dresses and shoes!

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