Thursday, January 24, 2019

Amazon Favorites!

If you haven't realized the beauty of Amazon, you certainly will! Initially, I ended up getting an account, along with Amazon Prime, because I needed it for school. I heard it was the cheapest place to get books (rented or bought) so I made an account and it saved me from buying $300 books because Amazon had them for like $30. Thank you, Amazon! Amazon not only has textbooks, I discovered, but many, many, mannny other things. I've purchased things from household items, to clothes, to makeup and tanning supplies.. the list goes on an on. I decided to make a blog post about my favorite Amazon items and share them all with you! Click on any of the pictures below! I always, always, always look at the reviews. I actually trust Amazon reviews more than any other website because I know about 99% of the time, they are genuine.

**I'll keep updating this as I find more things I like**

First up is clothes! I love clothes because they are art, in a sense that they let you express yourself on how you want to look and wear. I've never really thought about becoming a designer or a model, but when I throw something on that I like, it makes me feel good, so why not? Live your best life.

Next up is some beauty and accessories that I love! I have purchased several of these and am totally in love! My favorite would have to be the purple and blue shampoo, just because it makes my hair less brassy and I can't believe how cheap it is!

Finally, some household items that I think would be fun to have around the house! I think the modern look nowadays is rustic with lots of greenery and a pop of color. The color I am always leaning towards is a gold rose but you can really pick any to make your house pop!

If you have any Amazon recommendations that you swear by, let me know so I can add them on! :) As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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