Sunday, April 30, 2017


It truly is the best medicine. I'm sure we've all gone through days without laughter and the best way I can describe those days are like gray skies. They're calm and nice to look at, but also filled a somber mood, where you see life as black and white. I know that I've had some days, weeks, and even months, to where my life was nothing buy gray skies and seen as black and white. It was as if I forgot how to live life in color again. I missed the days where little things would just make me giggle and laugh.

I can say that my life has significantly improved. The reason being was that I decided that I wanted to live life in color again. I wanted to laugh at jokes and silly things in life, so now I do. Life is so short and can change at any moment so why not spend most of it laughing. I love when people have wrinkles because it signifies how much they've truly enjoyed their lives. I don't think I would ever want my own wrinkles to go away because then I would be hiding how much I laughed and loved my life. I hope to get many of them as I grow old.

With that being said, here are some funnies that I hope make you laugh as well! :)

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