Sunday, April 2, 2017


"Covjek te cijeni onoliko koliko ima koristi od tebe." (A person only values you as much as they benefit from you.)

It's funny how your perception of someone is one way but it turns out to be completely different. I've built many relationships and friendships in my life with the intention of having a mutual trust and care for one another, whether it be a friend or family, or significant other, my intentions are true. I have always been the type of person to keep to myself so anybody wanting to get close to me would have to pry open my 50 million walls before they truly know me. Some of the people I know and talk to on a daily basis still don't even know me. I don't think there is a single soul that I can say truly knows me, other than my family.

Because I am a caring person, I get taken advantage of, a lot. I've found, funny enough, that people are only there for me when they need something from me. However, when the opposite comes along and I'm in need of their help, they are nowhere to be found. I know it's a saying and something girls put as their Instagram quotes, but I've had it happen one too many times to say that it's just cliche. There are far too many fake people that are too selfish and care for their own interests, to care for yours. For example, I had a friend who's close family member passed away. I consoled them, cared for them, even cried with them. When my cousin died, I heard nothing from this so-called "friend". Yet they expect you to still be there for them and care for them even though they refuse to reciprocate the same respect and care back. This is just one example but it's happened far too many times. It just confirms that humans are selfish and their own needs always overcome others, but perhaps I'm befriending the wrong people. I'm not saying I'm perfect but I've sat back and just watched it happened to me and can't help but think how some people's needs will always be above yours, no matter how much they say they care for you. If you're lucky enough to find the few that truly care for you and will be there for you, hold on to them because those gems are rare.

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