Saturday, September 15, 2018

Lightening Conditioner

Recently as some of you may know, I have gone blonde!! Ok ok, not FULL ON blonde but my hair is extremely lighter than what it use to be. I’ve always had darker hair and when it would lighten, I would color it to darken it even more but this time I’ve decided to gradually go lighter and see how I like it. Who knows, maybe I will go back to having dark hair!

Anywho, I recently received a coupon in the mail for the Garnier Whole Blends collection and decided why not, let’s try it out. I drove myself over to Walmart, found it and guess what! I forgot to use the coupon! UGH. This is never happened to me before. I’m totally a coupon lady but for some reason I totally forgot and just bought it full price.

Anyway, I went and used it and thought if I liked it, I can use the coupon next time. And guess what! I loved it!! Since I have been wanting my hair to go lighter, it does the trick! I was out of conditioner so I used my coupon on only that. I actually have not tried the shampoo yet but I’m sure it’s just as good!

I’ve noticed when I want my hair to be a little brighter the next day, this conditioner does the trick! I go through my normal routine of shampooing my hair and then put this conditioner in for about 5 minutes (I’m sure you can do longer – I just get bored in the shower waiting) and then rinse it out. It made my hair smell really good. It was super shiny. It also brightened it a lot. I know that there is a trick to use tea to brighten your hair but I never really did it since I didn’t want to go through the hassle of making tea, waiting for it to cool, and then pouring it on my hair. This conditioner is a gem! It was only like $5 for a big 22 fl oz container. I honestly have fallen in love with a conditioner!

Friday, September 7, 2018


As another year goes by, I like to reflect and see what I've done in the past year. To be honest, it has flown by that I can't even believe I'm 26. I feel like I was 10 years old yesterday, playing on the swing set in my back yard and all of the sudden, I blink and I'm 26 with an adult job and a bachelor’s degree. Time goes by slow but moves at the speed of light. If you think about it, you are going day to day doing your normal routine, waking up, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, etc. but as time goes on, you do this every day and before you know it, you will be 84 with grandchildren. How time moves so fast is incredible.

I remember being asked what I wanted for my birthday and knowing exactly what it was - which, let's be honest, was usually barbies. But as I get older, I wish for more sentimental things like good health, happiness, and love. I hope as I grow older that I make good and healthy choices in my life – not just for my body (physical) but for my emotional well-being, as well as mental. I hope to be forever happy with a lot of love and excellent health. I hope every person that I love can experience the same.

At the beginning of 2018, I made it a goal for myself to pay off all of my student loans by the time 2018 was over. I was literally in tears when I made the calculations in order for that to happen. I knew that even though this was going to be painful, I had to make a commitment - if I stopped, I was only cheating myself. As it started, it went okay and I didn't really notice a difference. As the weeks and months went on, my checking account was getting smaller so I had to dip into my savings. Thankfully, it wasn't too much money that I had to use, but my goal was met before the end of the year! The feeling is indescribable and I am so happy that I don't owe that money anymore. It made me realize that if I set a goal for myself and make a plan, as long as I commit to it, I will make it happen. It was, in a way, a sign for me to keep pursing what I want in life because if I work hard enough, anything that I want in life will happen. I will say, it was NOT easy. I pretty much went the whole year without any new clothes, shoes, makeup, nothing. It was a little depressing but I knew that the sacrifice would be worth it. So to those of you out there that are not where you want to be, you will be there, I promise you. Hard work pays off and the reward will be so sweet. (Guess who's spoiling herself for her birthday month... meee).

Thank you to everyone that has wished me a happy birthday! You are forever in my heart! I hope your birthday is just as sweet as mine! For my birthday, I wanted to visit the zoo and my boyfriend made that true! It was such a great experience and unlike any other zoo I've been to. My boyfriend is the sweetest and I'm truly happy he is in my life and that I got to celebrate two birthdays with him, and many many more to come. I love him.

Here's to 26. I hope it's the best year yet.

Saturday, September 1, 2018


Ahh the BEST month of the whole year! Mostly because it's my birthday month (meaning I get to celebrate every single day) but also because it's the start of fall on September 22nd! I read a quote today that just made me think a lot about life.

We take life for granted a lot of the time and don't realize how much of an amazing gift we have been given. You were miraculously brought into this world, and no matter your religion, skin color, or gender, you will all, one day, end up in the same place. I don't like to think about death. The thought of just being gone terrifies me. My biggest fear is losing my parents. They have been there for me through everything and to even have the thought of losing my whole world absolutely terrifies me. The day that I have to face that will be a very hard time for me. I understand that it must happen and it's a natural part of life, but I don't think I'm ready for it yet. I hope God makes sure I'm ready before it happens.

As I age one year older, I look back and realize how much different I am thank the years past. I, personally, see myself as growing and maturing more. Instead of jumping right to conclusions and speaking what's on my mind, I've seen myself taking back some time to process and say exactly what it is I want to say. I think life is the biggest school you will go through and we will learn more than the public education system offers. Although I don't live near marine life, I know through the public education system, I get to learn about sharks, whales, and all the different sea creatures that I may or may never see in my whole life. In life school, I will learn how society and people are. I've learned that many people will show themselves as being kind, but really can't wait to see you fail. That is something you can't learn in school. Over the past 25 years, I've had many friendships and lost many of them. I am thankful for all of it. I know God has a good plan for me and I just have to trust Him. Alhamdulillah za sve.

So, Hello September! I can't wait to see what you have to offer! I hope to have a birthday post, some fall posts, and a secret post about something I've been doing the past few weeks that I can't wait to share until it's over. Thank you for reading my blog. I know I haven't posted much but I hope that you will soon see why.