Monday, November 19, 2018

Day 32: Light Pink Sparkles

I've always heard the phrase, 'Leave a little sparkle wherever you go' but I always thought that was metaphorical.. Like, leave a little bit of 'you' or your sunshine in people's lives so that you'll be remembered. I guess it can be taken literal too. So go get your sparkle and throw it everyone so they will remember you! Lol! Only joking! If you do that, make sure you don't get it in their eyes.. Safety first people!

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Anyway, I recently snagged a cute Women's Apt. 9 High-Low Metallic Tunic sweater from Kohls and wanted to share it! I got this sweater on sale for about $23 using my Kohl's cash and coupons. It comes in several different colors. (Black Friday deals - You can get it even cheaper!! Right now, it's on sale for $19.99 and with the coupon code JOY (15% off), you can snag it for $16.99 !!)

I love that it's long and not too thick or too thin to wear. I could easily walk around in this outfit all day and be super comfy! It does have glitter to it but it's not itchy or noticeable at all.

My favorite part about this sweater is that the 'turtleneck' is actually removeable!! I thought it was for sure a turtleneck until I took it off the hanger and it's actually more like a scarf! I like the fact that I can trick people into thinking I'm wearing a turtleneck! Shh!!

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My leggings are from Victoria's Secret and they were called the Most-Loved Legging or something like that. Unfortunately, the exact type has been discontinued but they do make a similar one called Anytime Legging that has been around for a while. Some great alternatives are Aerie's Chill Leggings.

The boots I'm wearing are called Journee Collection Spokane Women's Knee-High Boots. The shade I got them in is brown. They are true to size so no need to go up or down a size. Kohl's also has them in black, taupe, dark gray, and chestnut. I did a whole blog post on them (click here) if you'd like to read all about it!

Click the picture to shop the boots!
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