Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020... Goodbye Forever.

This year has been a doozy... I have no words yet all the words. It has gone by so fast yet so slow at the same time. I think this year I can truly say that I was challenged almost the entire year. It breaks my heart to say this but it was one of the hardest years of my life. I think the year started off on the wrong foot and it just kept escalating. The world also entered a pandemic so that somewhat contributed to it. I always go back to my previous years posts and reflect on my goals for the next year. Below are my thoughts:

For 2020:
  • I want to have a more positive outlook on life. Unfortunately, the more I tried this, the deeper I sank into the opposite direction. Misery loves company and I was invited to sulk. I'm not mad about this because the only way you can go after rock bottom is up. I am hopeful for the future. 

  • I want to gain more clarity. This one was given in overload. I have been given clarity in ALL aspects of my life and I do not want anymore. You know the saying 'be careful what you wish for?' Yeah. This.

  • Grow stronger relationships and keep working at them. My current relationship has been amazing and thriving. We have gone through so so so so sooooo much this year and I know he is the one for me through and through. He is my biggest blessing in life!

As the year flies by, I hope to see myself grow and learn. I hope I can get to a happy mindset and continuously feel that way. I hope to be a better person, overall. I definitely did learn and grow A LOT this year. Sometimes the way you can learn and grow is outside of your comfort zone and that was definitely tested for me this year. I have gone through experiences that I never ever would think to go through. I have been taught many lessons and will use those in the future, which makes me grow as a person. I have been shown what I shouldn't be and learned from that tremendously. 

Overall, I would say 2020 was the worst. Not in a depressive way, but just blah. I'm over and done with it and can't wait for a brighter and happier time. 

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