Thursday, October 18, 2018

Day 15: Journee Riding Boots

I recently was able to purchase some super cute boots and I wanted to share with all my readers where I got them. They are actually pictured in my most recent blog post "Perfect Fall Skirt" and I thought they paired really well together.

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The boots I'm wearing are called Journee Collection Spokane Women's Knee-High Boots. The shade I got them in is brown. They are true to size so no need to go up or down a size. Kohl's also has them in black, taupe, dark gray, and chestnut. I decided to purchase them because I really needed riding boots because my old ones were a little bit worn out. The last pair I got was also from Kohl's but it was about 3 or 4 years ago and they no longer carry them. What I liked is that they were knee-high and had good soles. These boots, I can say the exact same. They are a really great pair and I have gotten numerous compliments on them. I will admit, when I first got them, they were super wide around my legs but as I wore them more often, I got use to it. They are actually super comfortable and as I'm use to walking around all day, I never even noticed any irritability with these boots. They are about one inch high but super comfy. (I don't wear heels or anything that's above the ground so that says a lot)

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My favorite part would have to be the back because the zipper is outlined with a pop of red and I absolutely loveeee that! It is such a unique way to make the boots stand out. Plus, the red jacket really goes with the outfit because of the red outline on the back of boots. The boots are typically around $100 but are on sale right now for $89.99 ! If you use the coupon code Upgrade30, it will save you 30%, making the boots only $62.99. If you have any Kohl's cash or extra coupons, it will bring the price down even lower! I think with all my coupons, I ended up paying around $50, which then caused me to earn $10 Kohl's cash, which of course I spent again.. That's how they get ya. But anyway, I truly love these boots and they are of really good quality. I highly recommend them if you are in the market for new boots. They have been keep me pretty warm and comfy this fall so far! Click here to see if any of them spark your interest!

Click the photo to shop these boots!

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