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I know I have severely been slacking on my blog, but it's only because my life has been in full speed since the last time I posted. Let's catch up on what has happened in 2019: 
  • I started off unemployed - that's ok. I was coping and trying to get use to the idea of not having anywhere to go, but because I'm somebody that needs something to do, I got bored of it real quick. 
  • I got a job in March with a great healthcare organization! I loved the hours, people, job, flexibility, environment, everything! I accidentally ended up applying for a new job with a totally different organization and ended up cutting my time at that job short. I will miss everyone so much! I truly felt accepted and like I was part of a family, even through my time was not long. 
  • I spent summer just enjoying myself. I opened out of my comfort zone and try to have as many summer adventures as I could. I would say it was the best summer I've had in a long time. 
  • I got a new job in September and absolutely love it! I have been learning A TON and am really enjoying that aspect. The people are also great, the flexibility is wonderful, and the environment has been enjoyable!
  • Fall & Winter have been okay. I'm not a fan of the cold so i'm just waiting for this to pass. I would say my favorite day has been December 21 (winter solstice) because now the days are getting longer and I am ALL for that!
I guess not much has happened to me, other than having carreer changes - I know, boring. I think because of that, it has consumed so much of my time that I haven't been able to blog. Let's recap what I wished for in 2018 to happen in 2019:

So for 2019, I will embrace whatever comes my way. I have a feeling that God has something great in store for me and I just need to be patient! (I've also learned to trust my gut feeling. Oh boy. If i only knew what blessings lied ahead for me! I love when I trust my gut. I am SO glad I embraced the things that came my way because I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't!

My boyfriend is someone that I love with all my heart... I realize how much I appreciate and love him. I already know that 2019 will be the best for us! It WAS a great year for us! We have learned and grown SO much together. I feel like he is my best friend and everyday, I love him more than yesterday. 

My list for 2019 includes to travel more, have excellent health, have a great paying job that I love, pay off my car, lose a couple more pounds, and learning new skill sets. Although I didn't travel outside of the state, I did get to explore more of my "backyard" and loved it - there are hidden treasures everywhere! My health has been better than the previous year and I am SO thankful for that! I did get not one, but two, wonderful jobs this year and am sooo blessed for that! My car is still not paid off but that's okay, I can move that goal to 2020. I did lose a couple pounds... and gained it back.. lol I have nothing to comment about that. And as far as learning new skill sets, I think not only with my jobs, but with life, I have learned a lot this year. My eyes have truly opened up to a lot more that has been happening around me. 

But here's to 2020 ! I hope it's the happiest and healthiest (physically and mentally) year for everyone! Like I said in my 2019 post, I make a list every year of things I want to accomplish - whether it be materialistic items, mental, emotional, or just wishes. I find that if I have this list, I can refer to it and try to see about accomplishing my goals as much as I can. I didn't get to accomplish all of them but that's okay too - I will add them to my list for 2020.

For 2020:
  • I want to have a more positive outlook on life. I want to enjoy every moment I am in - not just think of the happy moments in the past. I want to laugh from my belly and just be in the moment. Happiness is not a destination, but rather a journey. 
  • I want to gain more clarity. There have been many things in my life that I feel I need more clarity in. I think having a lot of self reflection is a positive goal I can have, in order to think through how I'm doing and what I can improve on (as well as what is going well)
  • Grow stronger relationships and keep working at them. My current relationships are thriving but there are some that I could work on. I think being open to working on those relationships will give me more insight and growth. 
  • Then I have my other goals - some fun and others materialistic - ride a motorcycle, drive a manual stick shift car, ride a horse, donate more clothes that I don't need, get an even better job, pay off my car, lose some weight. Those are not necessarily for 2020 but I will try my best to meet as many of them as I can. 
As the year flies by, I hope to see myself grow and learn. I hope I can get to a happy mindset and continuously feel that way. I hope to be a better person, overall. 

Happy New Year! I hope you meet your goals and meet them as best as you can!

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