Sunday, October 7, 2018

Day 5: Fall Weekend at Home

This week in Colorado, the weather significantly dropped. We went from having 80 degree weather all last week to about 50 degree weather this weekend. Although this was what we were wanting for Fall, I seriously can't wait for it to be summer again. The cooler weather is nice for a change but I'm a summer girl and love being in the sun. I swear I could easily be a cat because I could lay in the sun all day and just nap.

I wanted to blog about how my weekend went and share an outfit I wore yesterday. On Friday, my boyfriend and I went out to dinner to celebrate our monthly anniversary and it was very sweet. He is the absolute best. On Saturday, I dressed up for fall because 'tis the season, right?

The dress I am wearing is from Old Navy. It was actually part of their spring/summer collection and I bought it around December of last year, but I thought it would be perfect for fall. The reason being is because it doesn't come with a slip underneath so it's pretty much see-through. I thought it would be good for over a bathing suit or in the fall. The one I got was in the color 'yellow floral', but it looks like they only have the color 'white floral' available right now, which would still look great because it has pops of yellow in it, which is also great for fall!

My leggings are from Victoria's Secret and they were called the Most-Loved Legging or something like that. Unfortunately, the exact type has been discontinued but they do make a similar one called Anytime Legging that has been around for a while. The thing I really love about Victoria's Secret is that their long leggings are truly long. I am 5'7" and a half, and they fit me perfectly to the point where I can even fold over a little bit at the bottom. As being considered 'tall', it's always hard for me to find pants that will be truly long so I was thrilled when I found out VS had them. The only thing that has been preventing me from purchasing more clothes from them is the fact that their quality has absolutely tanked. I found that their undergarments use to be of great quality and lasted a long time, whereas now they last maybe 2 washes before they start falling apart so I'm not jumping on splurging from them just yet. I have heard that Aerie has great ones, that are perfect for tall girls, but I have yet to check those out. If you know of any, shoot me a message!

The cardigan I have had for yearssss and don't exactly remember where I got it from. I want to say possibly Kohls? But don't quote me on that. I've literally had it for over 10 years.

The shoes are these cute booties and I'm not sure where I got those either. Possibly Rue21.

On Sunday, I've decided to make it a relaxing day and snuggle with my heated blanket and hoodie. Right now it is 48 degrees and my feet are cold, but what's new :) How was your weekend?!

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