Sunday, October 25, 2020

My Charcuterie Board

I think doing a charcuterie board was one of my favorite activities this summer! I think they are great to do at dinner parties or when having friends over. This is actually already a Bosnian tradition (we put out meat and cheese for guests) but it was evolved into more. I did a ton of research on what the best things to put on my board would be, made a list, purchased everything and got to work. Below you will find a list of everything on my board and where I bought it! I will warn you, pretty much everything is from Trader Joe's. 

The board we've had in our house forever but you can get one pretty much anywhere - from Walmart, Target to Marshalls and Home Goods.

Trader Joe's unexpected cheddar cheese
Trader Joe's goat gouda
Trader Joe's manchego cheese
Trader Joe's toscano cheese with black pepper
Boursin garlic and fine herb cheese (they have this at almost any store - I got mine from TJ's)

Chicken bologna (Bosnian store)
Beef salami (Costco)
(I would've added suho meso but we didn't have any)

Trader Joe's champagne grapes (these are out of season now - I recommend getting Thomcord grapes)
Strawberries (King Soopers/Kroger)
Trader Joe's fresh figs

Fresh cucumbers from our garden
Fresh greek peppers from our garden

Boiled eggs (my neighbor has chickens!)

There you go! I might do another one but not until next summer. I highly recommend Trader Joe's for cheeses - if you pick anything off this list to get from Trader Joe's - the cheese is where it's at. They are super affordable and have a high variety. What are some of your favorite charcuterie board items?!

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