Monday, January 21, 2019

2019 Snow

First blog post of the year! I took a break from blogging just because not only was it taking up a lot of my time but my mental health as well. From the 100 blog days, I always felt like I had to post a blog entry or else the world would come crashing down if I didn't. I needed a good break to just have some time to myself, enjoy my life, and just be happy. I know that I love to blog and share things -whether it be outfits, recipes, or thoughts - so I will continue to do that but at my own pace, so please be patient with me :)

I wanted to do a post about my look for the first snowfall of the year! I thought it would be super fun to jump out while it was snowing and take a few quick pictures. Let me tell you - it was NOT quick.. my camera was full of snow and I was freezing cold but it was totally worth it cause it was just soo beautiful being outside while it snowed! I even brought my cat out and she absolutely hated it and ran to go back inside. (Poor thing!!)

My hat is from Amazon (click here) and it's in the color Ivory. It keeps selling out which drives me nuts (!!!!) but my fingers are crossed that it will come back in stock!

My scarf is from Cents of Style called Rome Solid Blanket Scarf in the color Ivory. They have several different colors and even patterns if you're looking for new designs!

My coat is an oldie from Old Navy and I don't think they have this particular color available any longer, but they do have a cute burgundy one (click here) that I think is probably actually even better.

My pants are (of course) from Old Navy (click here). I've raved about these for probably 70 bajillion years but I can't say it enough - they are amazzzzing. Super stretchy. Great mid to high-waist. Stays a true black no matter how many washes. I can't get enough of them.

Lastly, my new favorite boots!! They are from Nine West (click here) and I bought them directly from their website. I love that they are red and that they have these cute little bows on the side! I am obsessed!! I tried them on after wearing my Hunter boots and I can say that they were pretty similar in the quality of keeping my feet away from the snow. I will say that they are shorter than Hunter boots so if you're looking for length, these will be just a tad short!

**If you want to see any of the items in the pictures that I post, you can click here or on 'Shop My Blog' at the top and see it all there!**❤

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