Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Day 45: Black Sweaters & Ripped Jeans

Everyone knows how cozy I love to be and if you don't, well, now you do. I hate being cold and if it could be summer 24/7, that would be my ideal place to be. (I know you're asking why don't I just move, but trust me, it's harder than it sounds.) We've had summers over 100 degrees in Colorado and those were my favorite days. I know some of you probably think I'm crazy but look at it this way.. If you're hot, you can just jump in a pool.. but if you're cold, you have to pack on like 70 million layers which sucks. Plus, the sun gives you serotonin and people are a lot happier with their levels being higher!

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This sweater is the cuuuutest. I bought it from Rue21 last year and actually did a blog post on it (click here) and of course, it's no longer available on their website. (I'm sorry!!) But, I have found some cute alternatives - here (Ardene), here (Forever 21), here (Forever 21), and here (Forever 21).

The jeans are also actually from Rue21. The specific kind are not available, but they have a cute similar one - click here. (I actually JUST placed this order so I should be getting them soon. I like that they are high waisted because I hate pulling up my pants 100 times a day!) Otherwise, I've found some cute alternatives here or here (both Charlotte Russe)

My sunglasses are from Quay Australia and I actually bought them through Nordstrom because they offered free shipping! Quay offers $5 shipping, while Nordstrom is free! I actually have 3 pairs total from Quay - faded black, gold, and silver.

The loafers are my favorite and my go-to now!! They are driving loafers from Old Navy in the color 'Mouse'. They are super comfy and flexible that I just love wearing them! I hate getting shoes that are cute but then are the worst for my feet. I promise you, these aren't them. If you still aren't sure, go to your local Old Navy and try them on. You. Are. Welcome.

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