Thursday, November 8, 2018

Day 27: Cheetahlicious

Ever since the Cheetah Girls came out, I felt this unconscious decision to buy cheetah printed clothes. Lol, I'm just kidding. My mom got me this fabulous black coat with cheetah print on the hood and a couple inches at the end by my hands. It was AMAZING and I constantly got complimented by strangers. I have no clue where she got it from. (She swears Walmart but I'm not sure they were that stylish back in 2002)

For this look, I went a little dark but with a pop of fall. Like I mentioned in my fall post, when it comes to fall wardrobe, you want to make sure you pick colors that are associated with nature at the time. Since leaves are changing color and falling, brown is a great color choice for fall.

Click the picture to shop the scarf!

The scarf I am wearing is originally from Gordmnas but because they don't have a website, I'm not able to link it. (wah!) But I have found some great alternatives - click here (Gap) and click here (Amazon) and click here (Walmart- SUPER cute!).

The black shirt is from JcPenney (click here) and I liked it so much and the sale that I bought two - one in black and one in white. You can also pair it with a long sleeve black shirt (click here). It just happened to be warm when I was taking pictures so I chose to wear a short sleeve one!

The jeans I am wearing are actually jeggings from Old Navy (click here). I totally LOVE them! The only concern I had was the factory smell lingered for a while but after a couple washes it was out.

My boots were from Rue21 and are no longer available, but click here to find some alternative ones from Charlotte Russe and click here for some from Target!

 Click the picture to shop the ripped jeggings!
Click the picture to shop the jeggings!

There you have it folks! You are cheetahlicious and can be a cheetah sister too! I wanted to also mention that the posts I make are entirely suggestions and in no way, shape, or form do you have to match what I wear. If you want to rock a hot pink cheetah scarf then do it! I just paired what my preference was and thought it looked cute for fall! Are you totally into cheetah?

Click the picture to shop some cute bootie alternatives!

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