Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Day 25: Rustic Pink Fall Outfit

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If I haven’t mentioned it enough, I love fall. No, I LOVE fall. It’s such a great time of the year (other than summer, of course) because it’s just the perfect weather and sometimes it will rain and that is nice too. I feel bad for the people that don’t get to experience a true fall like we do in Colorado. The leaves change color, the pumpkins come out, there are corn mazes, Halloween is celebrated to the max. I wish I could tell you this lasts 3 months, like how the season should, but it truly doesn’t. As soon as November hits, we are going to get snow mid-way through and then it will be cold and it’s basically winter, although I was reading that it will be a mild winter this year. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

I had casual Fridays at my job and I got to wear jeans (THANK GOD!) so I wanted to do a fall outfit with jeans and how you can piece it together. I will try to do some more since jeans are an absolute staple for me.

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In this outfit, I pieced together a marble sweater that I got from Kohl's. It's called the SO Perfectly Soft Sweater and I believe I got it during Black Friday last year. It doesn't look like Kohl's has the exact sweater on sale anymore online, but this one is a great alternative (click here) - same color too. 

Next, I have some Lauren Conrad (LC) jeans that I purchased from Kohls a while ago. Because I am 5’7”, these jeans are a little short on me. So I decided to roll them up to pair them with this outfit. They are actually really stretchy so throughout my weight gain and loss, they have fit on me with no issues. I would still stick to your regular size.

The cardigan I am wearing is from Gordmans. If you have not shopped there, you totally need to! They have the BEST clothes! I actually had a marble cardigan last year that was my absolute FAVORITE but I lost it and just wanna cry a literal Nile River. (literally the best I ever owned) But this one is also nice. It actually was getting hot outside when i took these pictures and I eventually had to take off the cardigan because it was making me extremely hot. Click here for a great alternative in a similar color from Kohl's.

Lastly, the booties are from Rue 21. They actually no longer have them. Rue 21 has seasonal items and once they are gone, they are gone – they usually don’t bring them back, so I can’t link it, but they do have some other cute alternative ones (click here). Charlotte Russe also has some super cute ones - click here.

The makeup I have on is from my Naked palette, which I did a post here. The lipstick is the Kat Von D lipstick that I have also blogged about here.

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