Sunday, October 28, 2018

Day 22: Corn-MAZE-ing Day!

I love my boyfriend. I don't know if I've mentioned that before but I adore him. He is the best thing that's ever happened to me and I truly am so grateful to have him. We can joke about anything and everything and poke fun at one another and just have the best time. Even when we have disagreements or one of us is upset, we always work it out with one another to make sure we are both happy. I think this is such an amazing and healthy relationship that I know I want to be with him forever. This is gonna sound super cheesy, but whenever we are out together, I literally only see him. On our third date, I actually noticed this and told him- If you were to ask me who was sitting by us at the restaurant we were at, I honestly couldn't tell you because all I saw was him. Ok ok. Enough with the cheesiness but I truly do love him, with all my heart. He's my one and only and nobody is going to change that!

Anyway, we decided to go to a corn maze yesterday - after me nagging him for about two weeks straight, he agreed to go - and it was so much fun!! The corn was about 7ft high so you couldn't even cheat and see where you were going up ahead. We got through the 7-acre corn maze within probably 45 minutes and we didn't even cheat!! It was so much fun! My boyfriend is truly lucky because I was the Lewis and Clark of that maze with all my navigation skills.

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The vest I am wearing is from Calvin Klein. It is a fuzzy black one and super soft and warm! I actually found it at Ross and would not let go of it because I loved it so much!I don't think they sell it anymore but I did find some great alternative here (Nordstrom)here (Macys) and here (Target).

The shirt I am wearing is white with bedazzles on the sleeves. I'm not entirely sure where I bought it, but most likely it was from Ross as well. You could honestly just pair it with a plain white long sleeve top and it would still look cute! I personally like the thermal tops from Old Navy (click here) because I get cold easily and they keep me snug and warm!

The pants I am wearing are actually an olive color, even though they look black in the picture. I bought those from JcPenny and they are Joe Fresh (click here). They are super comfy leggings but because I'm 5'7", they are a little too short so i either fold them up or pair them with boots!

Finally, the boots I am wearing are from Kohls from a couple years ago (actually 2014). They are the SO Riding Boots and are no longer available. (I have emailed Kohls a couple times asking for them to be back in stock so let's just cross our fingers they come back!!) I have linked the SO Riding boots that Kohls has available now here. But I recently did a blog post on my Journee Collection riding boots and those would also be perfect for this outfit! You can find those at Kohls by clicking here!

I love this season and I hope you do too! What fun adventures have you gone to this fall season?! (Can you believe it's almost November?!?!)

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